5 Ways In Which Your Home Could Benefit From Self-Adhesive Smart Film

5 Ways In Which Your Home Could Benefit From Self-Adhesive Smart Film

Home is one of the places where we enjoy comfort, privacy, and feel safe, like a sanctuary. That’s
why so many of us invest our money, time, and effort into upgrading the space we live in. If
you are currently looking to transform your home into your desired space, we would highly
suggest looking into Smart Film.

What is Smart Film?

Smart Film (also commonly known as PDLC film) is an innovative film that you can apply to
any glass surface to transform it into switchable glass. It can change the appearance of glass
from completely clear to opaque in just a few milliseconds. Smart Film is the ideal solution if
you want to get rid of blinds, curtains, or shades.

Smart Film works similarly to Smart Glass. However, because it can be applied to any
existing glass, the installation is much quicker and cheaper. The whole installation process
can be done in only a couple of hours, and you will feel as if your home has been completely

There are several ways in which you can add Smart Film to upgrade your home. It can even
be installed in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms or home gyms. Popular applications
also include glass doors and walls, ceiling windows, and glass partitions.

If we sparked your interest and you want to find out more about Smart Film, let us introduce
you to five ways in which your home could benefit from self-adhesive Smart Film.

1. Visual Pleasure and Flexibility

Everyone wants to live in a pretty and clean-looking space. That’s why we invest in high-
quality furniture and spend hours cleaning and decorating our homes. But even after all of that
work, your place might still look a bit messy. Why? Sometimes it is simply because the view
through your windows isn’t as pleasing as you would like it to be.

Perhaps some construction is going on, or you live on a busy street. This can take away from
the overall aesthetic of your living space. However, that problem can be solved with the help
of Smart Film. Whenever you don’t enjoy what you see when looking through your windows,
just make the glass turn opaque. Et voilà! Your house looks neat, and the only thing your
visitors can focus on is your gorgeous interior.

2. Improved Privacy

Our company’s business slogan is “We Are Your Privacy On Demand”, and we thrive in it.
Sure, neighbors are great. However, your neighbors don’t have to know what you are doing in
your own home. If you ever want some extra privacy, your windows can turn completely
opaque with just one click on the remote control of your Smart Film windows. You will be
safe from any curious eyes, and you can enjoy whatever you are doing without your whole
neighborhood knowing about it.

How your bathroom space could benefit from smart glass

3. UV Protection

We know how important SPF is. It prevents wrinkles, sun spots, and most importantly, skin
cancer. By now, most of us are aware that UVA and UVB rays can penetrate through glass.
So, if you sit next to a large window while working or simply relaxing while you’re at home,
you should be wearing SPF. However, by applying Smart Film to your windows, you can
save your sunscreen cream for when you actually go outside. Our Smart Film blocks 98% of
ultraviolet radiation from getting through your windows, and your skin will be completely

4. No Need for Curtains, Blinds or Shades

If you decide to add Smart Film to the windows in your home, you will no longer need
curtains, blinds, or shades. Sure, you can keep them if you like, but you will get all of the
privacy and sunlight protection you need from our Smart Film alone. We already touched on
the aesthetic touch and by eliminating blinds, shades or curtains, you will deal with less dust
for sure and easy cleaning!

5. Protect Your Precious Furniture

When we talk about UV protection, everyone is thinking about skin, but did you know that
Smart Film can also help you protect your furniture? Constant UV exposure fades, ages, and
destroys your expensive furniture. Things like carpets, sofas, and armchairs are especially
sensitive to them. But if you add Smart Film to your windows, your furniture will look new
for a longer time.


We are incredibly passionate about Smart Film. So, it wouldn’t surprise us if we have lit up a
spark in you too. If you want to upgrade your home with Smart Film, who should you
contact? Save your time and energy, because you have come to the right place.

Our company, Infinity Smart Film, has years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.
All you have to do is contact us through our email at info@infinitysmartfilm.com or call us at
347-659-5400. We will do all of the heavy lifting, and all you have to do is share your ideas
with us. We will do whatever is in our power to make your vision become reality.

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